Usually, you need a member to recommend you in order to be able to join us. However, there have been exceptions to this in the past and chances are they will still be made, though keep in mind that without someone recommending you, the evaluation process will be

  • significantly longer and
  • harder to pass

To apply, you have to create an account on this website and contact us via – or write a PM to any of our Lead members.

What we are looking for

Before anything else, we are a gaming community built on reliability and trust – you should be keeping up your word and, actually, just be a decent person to play with. However, to give you a list of requirements not as cryptic as the Rules (more or less)… here you go:

  • Attend to events
    • Being unable to attend is no biggie as long as it’s the exception and not the rule
    • Remember to notify the event organizer in case you can not attend an event in advance – check the specific event in that case.
  • Be serious
    • We are not a group of merry-go-round trolls. Whilst there are quite a few moments it might seem that way, we generally play the serious, somewhat role-playing approach. (Falling back to the first once there isn’t enough people for the second)
  • Respect for the chain of command
    • We have a strict ranking system – Playing a game, the highest ranking member automatically assumes command. This might also be mid-game. And also if whoever is in command demands complete bullshit in your opinion. You should be okay with that.
  • Stick together
    • Our general goal is to play together as a team. If you have fun running around as a lone wolf and don’t really like to cooperate with people, you are at the wrong address.
  • Be patient
    • Don’t be a speedy run-through type. You should be patient and also able to wait for a few minutes covering your collective arses whilst the guys up top advise a plan.
  • Be productive
    • Keep your flaming comments or teasing to a minimum, especially in tactical situations.

As you might have noticed, and excuse my language at this point, we don’t give the slightest fuck about your current skill set. What is important is your personality and ability for team play. The rest can be worked on.

Evaluation Process

Regardless of being recommended or not, your evaluation ends with your attendance to an official CWT (ClanWar Training).

During your evaluation process, you are friendly requested to record your gameplay in any games you might be playing with other clan members. In addition, gameplay may be recorded by other members of the clan. These will be evaluated according to the standards given above.

During your evaluation period, you are allowed to attend any events but CWTs, which you have to attend to end the evaluation period. In addition, any rule break causes your evaluation to automatically fail and your application to be rejected.

The only reasons valid for your application to be rejected without being given an evaluation period are:

  • You can not speak English/to the extent necessary to be a part of our community
  • Your were withholding necessary details (First name, mail, mobile number)
  • You are a registered member of another team in a game played competitively
  • Your IP, your handle or your mail is on our blacklist (aka you did massive rule violations in one of our Game Servers)

With recommendation

  • Minimum of 7 days

Without recommendation

  • Minimum of 30 days